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          外研版中考英语 第45讲 阅读理解(二)课件

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          外研版中考英语 第45讲 阅读理解(二)课件
          12.The text is a __D__. A.note  B.report  C.story  D.poster 13.How soon will you start laughing in the Laughter Club?__B__ A.In five minutes. B.In ten minutes. C.In half an hour. D.In about one hour. 14.The main purpose of Paragraph 1 is to __C__. A.tell people where the first Laughter Club is B.explain how laugh makes people stay healthy C.show Laughter Clubs are popular in the world D.describe the reason why children laugh often and easily 15.Which of the following is TRUE?__A__ A. When you go out of the Laughter Club,you should turn left for the car park. B. You may stay in the Laughter Club for more than one hour. C. Children can go to the Laughter Club with their parents. D. You have to donate to join the Laughter Club. 第45讲 阅读理解(二) 阅读理解。(2014,嘉兴) How to play SPUD What you need:◆a soft ball ◆five or more players ◆a clear space outside Aim(目的) of the game: To be the last player in the game.(You are out as soon as you spell the word SPUD.) Rules of the game: Pick a player to start with the ball.The player with the ball is called It. It stands in the middle of the playing area with the ball.All the other players circle around him. It throws the ball straight up into the air,and calls another''s name.The player whose name is called is now It and has to get the ball.Everyone else runs away. It shouts ‘SPUD!’ loudly as soon as It gets the ball.Everyone else has to stop running and stand still. Then It takes three steps towards another player,and throws the ball at the player''s feet.The player must not move,even if there''s a chance of being hit by the ball. If It hits the player,or if the player moves,then the player gets a letter (S first),and becomes It.If It misses,then It gets a letter and stays It. The first letter for a player who is hit is S,the second letter is P,and so on.Any player who has spelled S-P-U-D is out. The winner is the last player in the game. 1.The passage says a game of SPUD needs at least __B__. A.four players      B.five players C.six players D.seven players 2.When It calls your name,what must you do first?__C__ A.Run away. B.Throw the ball. C.Get the ball. D.Take three steps. 3.Which picture best matches Rule 5?__D__ 4.The winner is the player who __B__. A.catches the ball first B.does not spell SPUD C.is the first to spell SPUD D.throws the ball the farthest (三)推理判断题 推断题就是根据某个事实推断结论,主要考查学生的理解力和推断力。这类推断通常包括:数据事实推断、常识推断以及作者的写作目的、态度和倾向等的推断。做此类题时,应根据短文中的相关语句,对与事实有关的细节加以分析,找出线索,悟出字里行间的意思,反复比较,从而作出合乎逻辑的判断。 (四)猜测词义题 猜测词义题主要考查学生根据上下文正确判断灵活变化的词义能力。一般情况下,推断词义的题目中所出现的单词,大多数是学生未曾见过的生词,学生需要在该词出现的上下文中去寻找线索。通过阅读上下文,断定该词的真正含义,然后将这个释义代入文中,检查是否贴切,仔细比较直到得出该词的确切的含义。 【例2】 (2014,包头) Most of my sweet memories are from my childhood.There are always so many interesting things in the far away village where I grew up.One thing that leaves a deep impression on me is shearing the sheep. In my village,sheep are washed and sheared (剪毛) sometime in the month of June.This should be done quite early in the month,before the hot days begin. It''s best for the sheep to have the wool taken off,or they will be too hot in the summer time. When the time comes for washing the sheep,they are driven to a pond or a little river. Then they are thrown into the water,one at a time.The men who are in the water catch them,and wash them to get the dirt all out of the wool. When the wool is dry,the sheep are taken to the shearer;and he cuts off the wool with a large pair of shears. In a short time,before the cold winter comes,new wool grows out on the sheep.By the coming of spring,there is so much that it must be cut off soon. 1.When are sheep sheared usually?__B__ A.In February. B.In June. C.In April. D.In August. 点拨:细节理解题。由第二段第一句“In my village,sheep are washed and sheared(剪毛) sometime in the month of June.”可知,剪羊毛通常在六月。故选B。 2.According to the passage,why do people cut off the wool of sheep?__C__ A.They do that for fun and pleasure. B.They do that as a sport and exercise. C.They do that to help sheep spend hot summer. D.They do that to make sheep look more beautiful. 点拨:推理判断题。通读第三段可知,剪羊毛是为了帮助羊度过火热的夏天。故选C。 3.What does the underlined word “shears” in Paragraph 6 mean?__B__ A.Knives. B.Scissors. C.Baskets. D.Rivers. 点拨:词义猜测题。通读第六段可知,当羊毛干了的时候,人们开始用一把大剪子剪羊毛。因此,shears意为“剪子”,相当于scissors。故选B。 4.How often do people shear their sheep?__D__ A.Several times a year. B.Twice a year. C.Once a few years. D.Once a year. 点拨:推理判断题。通读最后一段可知,人们一年剪一次羊毛。故选D。 Most people hope to have a better memory which helps them succeed in study,work and life.Can memory be improved?Luckily,hundreds of studies in the past 50 years have already given us a definite answer. A healthy lifestyle keeps your brain young and memory sharp.First of all,it is necessary to have a healthy diet.Eating more food rich in B vitamins and Vitamin E,such as vegetables and lean meat,helps you have a better memory.Doing exercise can keep your brain alive,too.Proper exercise provides much needed oxygen for the brain.Running ,riding a bike ,swimming
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